The MInd Spa

West Yorkshire

The Mind Spa

Paintings straight from the heart that speak to the soul

I paint the energy of nature in loose watercolour style.

My paintings are chosen because they are from my heart to speak to your soul.

Though deceptively simple they are built in many layers of energy and vibrant colour.

My clients choose me because of the sensitivity of my paintings, my ability to express complex emotions in paint and my attention to the individual in the process. Choosing a painting with me can be an emotional journey of discovery.

Latest commisions:

A public figure expressing her journey and the people who have walked with her, holding her hand each step of the way and will remain with her until she no longer walks this earth. A journey toward a beautiful palace, because she has never been anyone's princess.

A yoga teacher who has created her dream home and is placing a piece of art that demonstrates her delight in doing this and expresses the joy she wishes to create there.

An artist expressing end of life love.

A therapist bringing the vibrancy and energy of my painting into her practise.

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"Mountain Stream Guided Meditation"

Unique, Scientifically composed music by MindSpa Music Productions that assists delta brainwave states for deepest meditation. Gentle guidance to help you to go with the flow of life, stop struggling and relax.

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