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Wellbeing in the workplace: For the wellbeing of your team

The Mind Spa days, courses, experiences and workshops are fun, interactive and educational never dry and dull.

As you will see below there is a wide choice available of ready made programmes. These can be delivered over 5 days for in depth learning, 1 or 2 day day intensives,or part of the course as a 1/2 day, as well as tailored, bespoke programmes to suit your needs.


Discover and Develop the foundations of resilience delivered as personal 121 coaching, train the trainer, team resilience, and leadership resilience.

Designed to educate, empower and inspire individuals to maximise their own levels of resiliance. Creating a sense of individual strengths and development areas.

The Resilient team : The resilience of a team is a shared responsibility. Identify shared areas of strength and identify areas for development. Teams explore their shared purpose and support each other to build high performance and a positive culture.

The Resilient Leader: Provides practical strategies and tools to effectively influence, inspire and support and minimise stress at work.

Coaching for Resilience: targeted, individual support for those wishing to undertake focused leadership development and build high perforning behaviours and thinking styles. 

Emotional Resilience: Take stock, learn about secondary stresses and how they impact on relationships with colleagues and relationships outside of work. 

Managing Change: The only constant in life is change. designed to help cope better with change, and you can in turn be more effective at supporting others through change. Provides Tips, strategies and understanding of the change process 

Flourish: Designed to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, to dramatically improve quality of life in and out of the workplace

Energise: Learn how to maintain high levels of healthy, productive energy throughout your waking day. Feel positive and refueled at work, right into your evening.

Nourish: Nutrition is the feul that sparks our engines. This session shows how good nutrition helps us to live positive healthy lives and the effects of bad nutrition can be unlearned. Without the need for strict faddy diets.

Sleep Soundly: A good night's sleep often eludes us in our switched on culture, yet it is the cornerstone of good healthy functioning at work and home. We will identify habits and behaviours that interfere with sleep and replace them with scientifically upheld ways of bringing about restful sleep.

Stress Less: Good healthy stress is essential for our motivation and energy levels. However, we live in demanding times with stresses for which we are badly equipped to deal with. It is easy to move over into overwhelm and anxiousness which is counterproductive to productivity. Learn ways to make stress your friend, not your enemy and gain back a feeling of control.

Mindfulness: Forward thinking workplaces such as Google, Apple, ICI, Coca-cola ad more are introducing mindfulness with great results. London transport reported a 71% drop in sickness after introducing mindfulness in the workplace. Discover a meaningful way to create balance and combat stressful situations.

Bounce Back: Steer calmly through challenges and bounce back from adversity, remain focused in times of pressure, change and uncertainty. Educate, empower, inspire yourself to maximum resilience and help others do the same.

Balance: We stretch ourselves further and further as we attempt to keep up with the rhythm of life, which just appears to be speeding up everyday. So many of us dangle close to exhaustion, tiredness, and burnout. Identify key priorities and develop clear strategies for a rounded and fulfilling life in and out of work. 

Drive: Increase self motivation and inner drive, find meaning and purpose in all you do. Find out your inner motivations, and what gives you a sense of purpose. build amazing levels of self-belief and confidence. 

 Mindfulness in the workplace MBSR course: A Mindfulness Based approach to Stress reduction: 

Feel calm, purposeful, and alert. easily adapt to change, the pressures of work, deal with conflict, the ever increasing to do list and all those distractions.

Mindfulness is practiced to help people enhance their ability to concentrate, feel calm and stay in control. 

Mindfulness is simple to learn, quick to put into practice and very powerful. 

Make better decisions

become self aware

Understand your patterns and triggers for emotions and behaviour

Reduce stress and anxiety

Focus and concentrate

Get back to a sense of purpose, control and wellbeing.

Easily incorporate techniques into your day

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