The Mind Spa

About  Us

Hello, I'm Adele Doxey founder of The Mind Spa

Our aim is to support you in making the changes you need to live more peacefully, happy successfully on your own terms. whether that is in relationship, business, career, family, life balance, health, 

My Mission

Inspiring and supporting people to their highest potential. To help you live the life you want to live. 

My Vision

I want to see an empowered world where every person reaches their absolute potential, lives on purpose and an abundant life.

adele is a life coach that has literally rewired my mindset and to put me on the right path to  feel happy and at peace with yourself. She has helped me overcome so many difficul  situations and given me strategies to help 100% recommended.


Director Hair salon

You have helped me to change careers without fear after 20+ years in the same job. I now have my dream job that fits my life, my values perfectly



The session was so inspiring. Today I had no idea what I needed but you got it bang on! If only you knew the difference you make. People ask what you said, and it isn't only that it is something much more powerful than just the words you use.