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We are your one stop shop for all your wellbeing needs. Our 121 sessions support your peace of mind and relaxation with Reiki Reflexology mindfulness meditation hypnotherapy

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For deeper work our tailored program is to support you through life's changes and challenges so you can be the best you. programmes are 4,6,8,10 weeks 6 months or 1 year.

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Join likeminded women 1/2 and full day soul circles, weekends 4 days away from it all or artist residency to get away to indulge your creative outlet we have it all

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We run a full program of exciting workshops 121 and in large and small groups for private and corporate clients

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Art to support your spiritual and creative growth. Creative workshops bring about a zest for life.


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The Mind Spa program transformed me in mind body and spirit

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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

coming out of lockdown thoughts and tips

As restrictions are lifted there is a lot of talk of life after lockdown. There have been treasures to be found during this time to be sure.

But, we are all beginning to talk of who we will meet and where we will go, and just generally looking forward to things... there maybe some mixed feelings too. We may have to deal with feelings we have never experienced before. Some feelings we will welcome and feel good about and others we won't really want. Though I truly hope that your lockdown has been good and given you time you haven't had before, perhaps providing you with new emphasis. Equally, I hope your re-entry into the world is also lovely. I just wanted to share a few thoughts that maybe useful.

The Anxiety UK survey suggested that 67% of people will feel some anxiety around easing of restrictions and 55% of us have got used to being at home, this can lead to something like being herdbound. (This is when horses spend so much time together they get anxious when they are separated from the herd.) So I am using numbers, fancy words and surveys to say what you already know my wise readers, it is natural to feel a little anxious.

Some signals to look out for are:

Turning down meetings

Finding excuses not to leave the house

Feeling like you may panic when you are out.

Our old friends rumination may keep us company. Will I be safe? Will I loose my job? What if I can't see my family?

I know I certainly already have a lot of panic around whether I have a Mind Spa left to come back to!. The phone and mailbox has been so quiet. I am definitely not immune, even though I am looking forward to getting back, have used lockdown well. Had time to pull a better structure together for my whole life, done so much training my eyes are boggling. and exercised the be-jeez out of the 3 months!

So, as always I say be kind to yourself. Notice the feelings and thoughts, let yourself know that it is natural and you are not alone.

Make time for your meditation and breathing exercises.

Take very small steps don't rush it all.

Avoid the fight or flight by utilising some of our visualisations to remind yourself of how it was before. If you visualise positive things your brain will cooperate and not send you those anxiety inducing chemicals.

Manage your expectations too, it is likely that life will not snap back to where it was before, there are baby steps to take and adjustments to make, and there are things that will never go back to before.

I wish you lots of love and a smooth transition.

Read on to see my initial plans

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I am gradually gliding my way back.

The ways that I can help:

Relaxation , stress management and mediation sessions

Transformational programs 4, 6 or 8  6 month and 1 year

Whole of life Coaching

Hypnotherapy for change

Creative thinking sessions

Intuitive guidance

Tropic Spa at home products:

can be ordered click and collect 

or from my website

Therapists Training and Certification

Online courses

I am now seeing clients in the following ways:

In my garden

On mindful walks

In public open space.

Via Sykpe, Zoom, Facebook Rooms, Facetime, or regular phone landline or mobile

I can still work with your team via Zoom Microsoft teams etc.

It is likely that my Airbnb cottage will be allowed to open on 4th July or thereabouts too! A lovely place to go if breathing space is needed

I will adhere to all safe protocols and I am watching with interest all guidelines as we emerge. I am infection control certified by Gateway, WHO and IPHM

Our Second Blog Entry

May 15th 2020

8 Zen practises for emotional balance

1: Forget perfectionism. If you wait until everything is perfect when will you begin anything? (You should see me grapple with technology as I am videoing painting exercises on my creative site FB @juicywayercolours . I am also well known for making editing errors in my newsletter! There are people who are perfect and hats off to them. I am imperfectly perfect and those who get me don’t mind. 😆 Let each slip be a signal to learn what to do instead. Let it teach you to polish things up, or an invite to expand your world and connect with someone who can help.

2: Befriend yourself. Recognise you are unique in the world. How freeing is that? Now you don’t have to be another Picasso or Mozart you can simply be you faults and all and fo what you love Do more of that every day.

3: Let go of expectations. How many moments have been ruined by expecting things to be different, to look or feel a certain expected way?

4: spend time to do simply one thing as if it were the most important thing in the world, and, do you know it will be?

5: Just sit with what is. No to thinking this moment should be like this or that. Meditation should be this or that

just sit! This morning I spent a few moments watching a tangle of branches in the wind. Great start to the day.

6: Hold others in a compassionate mind. Allow yourself to travel to their situation in order to understand better their motivations, or even mistakes. Remember people can only act in the moment of the personal growth they find themselves in at the time. It is the best they can do with what they have at this time.

7: You can only live one moment at a time. Saviour each of thise moments as if it is your last (it always is the last time you will experience that particular moment as it is)

8: Let go of all that is not essential. Travel light.

Remember you and your life are miracles. There has never been another you and there never will be. When it comes to humans and experience nature only does unique one off works of art.

Keep safe and well

Lots of Love


PS Just in case you missed it I have a morning Meditation and chant for protection every morning at 7am on Facebook @themindspa. I would love to see you there.

I will be doing a meditation session of around 20 minutes on Zoom let me know if you are interested.

Our First Blog Entry

April 15th 2020

Gosh all these videos, articles and what nots ....

They are coming at us from all direction aren’t they? I don’t know about you but I am not at my best productive just now.

In our bigger, better, faster times we often hear that we must stretch outside our comfort zone.

That certainly has its place, though I think there’s a lot to be treasured from creating a lovely comfort zone too. I find I have a deep need for comfort and whenever my posh cashmere socks, silk Pillow case, best pj’s and fluffy dressing gown comes out my family and friends know my soul is in need of soothing.

I wonder if now is a good time for you to decide what comforts you, and build yourself a personal comfort collection.

I like the idea because I believe everyone needs a place to feel secure, safe, replenished.

I know that we need to stretch and grow and we need to push ourselves to stop us becoming squishy marshmallows. I am also a great believer in balance and I think having a good idea of what quickly comforts you after a bad day, when you feel awful, when someone has been horrible to you... you get the picture.

Though certain things are necessary for comfort, shelter, food, not being in physical danger creating a comfort collection is a very personal and private thing.

Andrew watches anything in black and white. I find them scratchy and uncomfortable. Here are a few prompts to cover all the senses and to set you going.

What tv comforts you? I like a romantic comedy or something with a story.

what touches do you like? Hugs, (after social distancing has finished) Stroking the cat

Cashmere socks, blankets

What sounds soothe you?

comforting music ( I love chants ) the sea audio books

What sights do you find pleasing ?

art, good design, flowers,

What do you love the smell of? Baking, coffee, vanilla

What tastes of childhood and happiness

Soup, Chocolate, mash potatoes, tea

Go on have a go. Know what brings you comfort, but a few items to have at hand when you need them. Deliberately spend time nurturing your soul, soothing shattered emotions and pleasing yourself.

Keep safe and well

Lots of Love